It’s the time of year where families start to plan for their summer vacation. Another year of work and kids activities creates a need for a vacation where you can unplug and just be a family again. But as you think of ideas and places to go, sometimes a vacation at a quiet family resort is the ticket to recharging your batteries. But how do you choose a resort from the hundreds in Minnesota?

Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Vacation Resort

First, identify the types of activities you like to do as a family. Do you like to jet ski and water ski, or are you the type of family that likes to “get away from it all” and experience the peace and solitude of nature?

That identification will make a big difference into the type of resort to choose. Pay attention to these items:

  • How big is the lake?
  • How many different resorts are located on the lake?
  • Are there a lot of private homes on the lake?
  • Are there restaurants and marinas on the lake?
  • Is there public boat access?
  • Does the resort have land with hiking trails and lakefront cabins?
  • Are there fishing and pontoon boats available for rent?
  • Is there a safe beach area for children to play in the water?

If there is a big lake with a lot of resorts, public boat access, and restaurants, you will be staying at a busier lake with more people. If it is a smaller lake with only one resort on the lake and no public access, you will more than likely be in a quieter, more peaceful setting.

By asking the right questions, you can really choose the best family resort for your summer vacation in Minnesota.