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Making a reservation at Pine Terrace Resort is easy! Just pick up the phone and call 1-218-543-4606. Steve, Jayne, or Landon will help you pick the cabin and dates that best suit your family vacation plans.

If you’d like a little more info before you call, please browse through our website to learn about our comfortable cabins, our fair rates and rentals, and our family-friendly policies. Download our color brochure and current rate sheet to keep for reference.

Once you’ve made your reservation, look over our checklists page for tips on what you’ll want to bring to Pine Terrace Resort, and what you’ll want to remember when you leave.

Then sit back and relax knowing that you’ve planned the perfect family vacation in the heart of the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Reserve your Minnesota vacation cabin and get away from the busyness of life. Smell the clean air, watch the light reflect off the rippling water while sitting on the deck of your cozy lake cabin. All of our resort cabins are engulfed by nature. Unspoiled natural lake shores make sure you will be rewarded with a family vacation you will remember for years to come. Northern Minnesota family vacations are like taking a deep breath of fresh air. Lakefront is what Pine Terrace is about. Lakeside cabins put you deep in the lake vacation experience. You will not be disappointed as you enjoy this breath taking moment in your life. Pine Terrace is a Minnesota family resort!

2020 Weekly Rates

Check availability online.

For a week stay, Cabins 1-10 are Saturday-Saturday and Cabins 11-13 are Sunday to Sunday

Bedrooms SpringOff-PrimePrimeOff-PrimeFall
Cabin(Base Occupancy)May 1 – May 23May 24 – May 30May 31 – August 14Aug 15 – Aug 28Aug 29 – Oct 11
11 (2)$745$955$1210$955$745
22 (4)$1080$1450$1875$1450$1080
32 (4)$1080$1450$1875$1450$1080
42 (4)$1080$1450$1875$1450$1080
52 (4)$890$1185$1425$1185$890
62 (4)$890$1185$1425$1185$890
72 (4)$890$1185$1425$1185$890
83 (6)$1365$1925$2300$1925$1365
93 (6)$1460$2065$2465$2065$1460
102 (4)$1095$1485$1945$1485$1095
113 (6)$1460$2065$2465$2065$1460
123 (6)$1460$2065$2465$2065$1460
137 (10)$3065$3795$4550$3795$3065

Each additional person beyond base occupancy is an additional $30/day or $150/week.
Each cabin has a sofa bed or futon to accommodate 2 extra people (except Cabin 1).
Children 4 and under stay free!

Daily Cabin Rate

2020 Nightly Rates

Check availability online.

Spring and Fall seasons:
* Two night minimum stay

Off-Prime seasons:
** Three night minimum stay Memorial and Labor Day weekends based on discounted Spring & Fall rates.

Prime seasons:
*** One week minimum stay. Last minute cancellations may occur. Please call for availability.

Cabin(Base Occupancy)May 1 – May 23May 24 – May 30May 31 – August 14Aug 15 – Aug 28Aug 28 – Oct 11
11 (2)$150$190$240$190$150
22 (4)$215$290$375$290$215
32 (4)$215$290$375$290$215
42 (4)$215$290$375$290$215
52 (4)$180$235$285$235$180
62 (4)$180$235$285$235$180
72 (4)$180$235$285$235$180
83 (6)$275$385$460$385$275
93 (6)$290$410$495$410$290
102 (4)$220$300$390$300$220
113 (6)$290$410$495$410$290
123 (6)$290$410$495$410$290
137 (10)$615$760$910$760$615

Each additional person beyond base occupancy is an additional $30/day or $150/week.
Each cabin has a sofa bed or futon to accommodate 2 extra people (except Cabin 1).
Children 4 and under stay free!

Bringing a Boat?

If you are bringing a boat to Star Lake it is important to make sure your boat has been out of the water for enough time for prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. This is very dependent to temperature/moisture/time of year and other environmental conditions. Your boat needs to be clean and dry at least 8 to 14 days before re-entering another lake or river. In order to launch your boat here at Pine Terrace Resort it is required that is has been out and dried adequately from any lake. This to prevent the spread of these damaging Aquatic Invasive Species.

Boat & Motor Rental Rates

Boat Dockage $25/week; $5/day
Deposit required for boat & motor rental $50/week
Canoes, Kayaks, Paddleboats, Water Bikes No charge
Life Jackets(All sizes available) No charge

Boat Rental Rates

Boat Type Type of Motor Daily RateDaily + 2 Days Weekly Rate
14′ Aluminum RowboatNo Motor $55 – $55
14′ Aluminum Boat †9.9hp Outboard Motor $50$40 $175
16′ Aluminum Boat †15hp Motor $60 $50 $225
16′ Aluminum Boat †25hp Motor (electric start) $70 $60 $250

† (includes dockage and 1 tank of gas)

Pontoon Rental Rates

Pontoon Type Type of Motor 6 Hour Rate12 Hour Rate Weekly Rate Capacity
16′ Misty Harbor Pontoon20hp 2-Stroke Outboard Motor $90$120 $3507 passengers
18′ Weeres Pontoon40hp 4-Stroke Outboard Motor $120$170 $55012 passengers
20′ Harris Pontoon40hp 4-Stroke Outboard Motor $140 $185 $75010 passengers

(includes dockage and gas unless towing tubes)

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