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Paddle Boarding, a Minnestoa Family Vacation Experience

February 16th, 2017

Experience a Minnesota Lake in a new way!

“Paddle Boarding” has become a very popular summer Minnesota lake activity in the Brainerd lakes area. “Paddle Boarding” offers a unique way to get in touch with the northern Minnesota lake surroundings. It offers the user a way to experience the lake right on top of the water. Unlike a jet ski or personal watercraft, and boats of any kind, Paddle Boards” are very different. They’re quiet, serine, and your senses are engaged in only a way you will find Paddle Boarding. They are a very different experience than that of canoeing or kayaking.  While standing, skimming across calm water you can see down and into the undisturbed water to view the lake environment in an fresh new way.

Exercising on a Paddle Board?

Many even use the Paddle Board as an exercise platform to strengthen their core. Can you think of a better place to exercise and relax? Riding on a board goes way back to areas of the world where water was the means of travel and entertainment. For hundreds of years people have been either riding the waves or pushing themselves along by a paddle or stick. Inland fresh water lakes have now taken a hold with the public, and the increasing activity of Paddle Boarding has been born.

How do I know if Paddle Board ownership if for me?

Choosing a board to purchase can be a daunting task as there many manufactures and styles available.  But before you buy, there are many places you can see if board ownership is for you. Gull Lake by Brainerd and Crosslake, MN located on the Whitefish chain of Lakes have a few places in which the public can rent Paddle Boards. Many Minnesota family resorts now offer Paddle Boards either for rent or to use free of charge, giving the Minnesota vacation another added amenity in its arsenal to attract families to the lake. Don’t forget to give it a try next time you are at a Minnesota lake.



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How To Choose a Resort For Your Family Vacation in Minnesota

June 1st, 2016

It’s the time of year where families start to plan for their summer vacation. Another year of work and kids activities creates a need for a vacation where you can unplug and just be a family again. But as you think of ideas and places to go, sometimes a vacation at a quiet family resort is the ticket to recharging your batteries. But how do you choose a resort from the hundreds in Minnesota?

Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Vacation Resort

First, identify the types of activities you like to do as a family. Do you like to jet ski and water ski, or are you the type of family that likes to “get away from it all” and experience the peace and solitude of nature?

That identification will make a big difference into the type of resort to choose. Pay attention to these items:

  • How big is the lake?
  • How many different resorts are located on the lake?
  • Are there a lot of private homes on the lake?
  • Are there restaurants and marinas on the lake?
  • Is there public boat access?
  • Does the resort have land with hiking trails and lakefront cabins?
  • Are there fishing and pontoon boats available for rent?
  • Is there a safe beach area for children to play in the water?

If there is a big lake with a lot of resorts, public boat access, and restaurants, you will be staying at a busier lake with more people. If it is a smaller lake with only one resort on the lake and no public access, you will more than likely be in a quieter, more peaceful setting.

By asking the right questions, you can really choose the best family resort for your summer vacation in Minnesota.

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